TRF Tuesdays

TRF Tuesday featuring Gang Capati – Pop Goes the World: A Lighter Look at Mental Health through Popular Media [Week 1]


A Look at Mental Health through Popular Media

This fun, engaging series takes a unique look at mental health issues, such as childhood trauma, family systems, and romantic attachment, through the lens of popular culture. To explore interpersonal and intrapersonal dynamics, we’ll look at films you know, such as The Godfather, Gone Girl, The Tinder Swindler, Disney, and the Batman franchise. We’ll discuss a recent, highly publicized legal trial between two Holywood stars. We’ll become more mental-health literate, particularly in light of the phenomenon of extreme attachment to social media and news scrolling. 

Join Gang Badoy Capati, a trauma therapist, radio host, and trained media literacy instructor, for this interactive, light-hearted series to learn how to spot mental health learning opportunities in pop culture. 


Meet Your Instructor:

As a young social worker, Gang Badoy Capati spent a decade inside the Maximum Security Prison of the Philippines as a trauma therapist through art and literature. Primarily a writer, Ms. Capati is a mental health clinician who takes care of elite national athletes in the Philippines and is now the Lead Therapist of Project: Steady Asia.  (PSA)  PSA is a webwide mental health initiative, and TRF Therapeutic Alliance member focused on mental health approaches that are mindful of the cultural nuances of Southeast Asia.

Coming May 2023.